Dark Sacred Night

Michael Connelly

Daisy Clayton's killer was never caught. In over ten years, there has been no breakthrough in her murder case. Detective Renee Ballard has faced everything the LAPD's notorious dusk-till-dawn graveyard shift has thrown at her. But, until tonight, she'd never met Harry Bosch - an ex-homicide detective consumed by this case. Soon, she too will become obsessed by the murder of Daisy Clayton. Because Ballard and Bosch both know: every murder tells a story. And Daisy's case file reads like the first chapter in an untold tragedy that is still being written - one that could end with Ballard herself, if she cannot bring the truth to light...


Why can’t LAPD detective Harry Bosch just let things go? Why has the murder of Daisy Clayton got under his skin? Detective Renee Ballard doesn’t get it. But soon she’s as obsessed as Bosch. Because if he’s right, a serial killer is on the loose – and he’ll strike again.

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