Mad Girl

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Bryony Gordon

Bryony Gordon has OCD. It's the snake in her brain that has told her ever since she was a teenager that her world is about to come crashing down: that her family might die if she doesn't repeat a phrase 5 times, or that she might have murdered someone and forgotten about it. It's caused alopecia, bulimia, and drug dependency. And Bryony is sick of it. Keeping silent about her illness has given it a cachet it simply does not deserve, so here she shares her story with trademark wit and dazzling honesty.

Think you’re ‘a bit obsessive-compulsive’? As in: ‘Yeah, I’m a bit OCD! Can’t have socks and underwear in the same drawer.’ In her often hilarious book Bryony Gordon shows what true OCD is like, ‘the snake in my brain’ that twists and coils reality totally out of shape.

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