Our 2013 Summer Book Club winner!

Natural Causes by James Oswald

“Natural Causes” is the first novel from James Oswald in the “Detective Inspector McLean” series. A young girl’s mutilated body is discovered in a sealed room. Her remains are carefully arranged, in what seems to have been a cruel and macabre ritual, which appears to have taken place over 60 years ago. For newly appointed Edinburgh Detective Inspector Tony McLean this baffling cold case ought to be a low priority – but he is haunted by the young victim and her grisly death. Meanwhile, the city is horrified by a series of bloody killings. Deaths for which there appears to be neither rhyme nor reason, and which leave Edinburgh’s police at a loss. McLean is convinced that these deaths are somehow connected to the terrible ceremonial killing of the girl, all those years ago. It is an irrational, almost supernatural theory. And one which will lead McLean closer to the heart of a terrifying and ancient evil…

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“This is a terrific, hard-hitting crime thriller. A series of bloody murders of high-profile men rocks the city of Edinburgh. But is there a supernatural dimension to the horrific crimes? The trail leads inexorably to the gruesome discovery of an ancient and terrifying evil. We were utterly gripped by this story and loved its central character, the doughty Inspector McLean.”

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