The Innocent Wife

Amy Lloyd

You're in love with a man on Death Row in Florida, convicted of a brutal murder twenty years ago. You're convinced he didn't do it, and you're determined to prove it. You're part of a mass online campaign that picks holes in the case, uncovers evidence of police incompetence, and agitates for this miscarriage of justice to be overturned. Now you're married to him, and he's a free man, his conviction thrown out. You have the rest of your lives to spend together. You're overjoyed. After all, he's innocent. Isn't he?


The media is convinced Dennis Danson was wrongly imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl. 20 years on, a TV documentary about him becomes an on-line sensation: a young woman obsessed with the case writes to Danson, falls in love and marries him, but when he is released, the doubts set in…

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