Uncommon Type: Some Stories

Tom Hanks

A collection of seventeen wonderful short stories from two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks. A hectic, funny sexual affair between two best friends. A World War II veteran dealing with his emotional and physical scars. A second-rate actor plunged into sudden stardom and a whirlwind press junket. These are just some of the people and situations that Tom Hanks explores in his first work of fiction, a collection of stories that dissects, with great affection, humour and insight, the human condition and all its foibles. The stories are linked by one thing: in each of them, a typewriter plays a part, sometimes minor, sometimes central.


What a clever, readable, refreshing, funny, wise and uplifting book this is. A collection of stories from one of America’s finest actors. It turns out Tom Hanks really knows how to tell a tale, as well as interpret one. The only question is, what took him so long?

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