Yesterday's Sun

Amanda Brooke

A heart wrenching story for fans of Jodi Picoult, Susan Lewis and Katherine Webb.
How could you ever choose between your own life and the life of your child? Newly-weds Holly and Tom have just moved into an old manor house in the picturesque English countryside. When Holly discovers a moondial in the overgrown garden and its strange crystal mechanism, little does she suspect that it will change her life forever. For the moondial has a curse. Each full moon, Holly can see into the future – a future which holds Tom cradling their baby daughter, Libby, and mourning Holly’s death in childbirth…Holly realises the moondial is offering her a desperate choice: give Tom the baby he has always wanted and sacrifice her own life; or save herself and erase the life of the daughter she has fallen in love with

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Author’s motivation to write including details around the death of her son

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Life for Holly and Tom is looking full of hope and promise. They have just moved in to an old manor house, buried deep in the beautiful English countryside.Feeling settled and secure, they decide to make their own personal, five year plan, and commit it to paper. One of their pledges to each other is to have a baby.

Tom longs for a child; Holly has concerns. She had a deeply troubled childhood, and is now unsure that she could ever make a good mother herself. One day, wandering around the manor’s overgrown garden, Holly discovers a strange, iconic object. It is a Moondial, operated by a strange, crystal mechanism. The Moondial is cursed. Holly discovers that if she consults it at every full moon, she is able to glimpse the future. She can see a shocking, heart-wrenching image: Tom, cradling their baby girl – the child is called Libby – and simultaneously mourning the loss of his wife in childbirth.

Holly gradually realises that the Moondial offers her a choice – give Tom the child he craves, and die so doing, or save herself and lose the daughter she has already come to love. Mothers reading Yesterday’s Sun will be deeply moved and affected by Amanda Brooke’s poignant fantasy. And they will ask themselves: if I were Holly, what choice would I make?


If you are a mother reading this, allow me to ask you the following questions. What would you do to protect your child’s life? How much would you be prepared to sacrifice for them? If it seemed absolutely necessary, would you surrender your own life to save theirs? I suspect your answer to the first is ‘anything’, to the second, ‘everything’, and to the third ‘of course’. Mother-love is one of the deepest, most profound forces in human nature and Amanda Brooke taps directly into it to produce her extraordinary debut novel. She knows of what she writes. In 2006 she lost her little boy, Nathan, to cancer.

Amanda began writing a diary almost as soon as Nathan was diagnosed. How much of what she recorded appears in this poignant story is known only to her, but I suspect much.

Holly, Amanda’s central character, is pregnant. But Holly must soon face a terrible dilemma; a choice so hard it can barely be contemplated. If she chooses to live, her baby will die. If she sacrifices herself, the child will live. Either outcome will devastate Holly’s husband, Tom, and she cannot share her burden with him. She must decide alone. However unequivocal your answers were to my questions above, you will find, through Holly’s own journey, that there are no clear-cut answers or solutions. And as Holly’s pregnancy advances, time is running out.

Yesterday's Sun By Amanda Brooke

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  • A wonderful, heart warming, life affirming book, that will probably have you reaching for the tissues. Can't wait for Amanda's second novel !

    Kate Knowles

  • I have been looking forward to the release of this book. I am currently half way thro' it and cannot put it down. A fantastic story! I wish Amanda Brooke every success with it. Cannot wait for the next one.

    Eve Chadwick

  • I don't usually choose this genre but am so glad I decided to read this book.

    A beautifully written and haunting tale of love, motherhood and fate.


  • A beautifully written story, especially moving is the relationship between Tom and Holly and their unborn daughter. I look forward to the publication of Amanda's next book.


  • I was gripped and would go out of my way to find time and space to keep reading. Its a wonderful heart wrenching and heart warming story and I fell in love with all the characters immediately. It is a great expression of how motherly love knows no bounds


  • I have just managed to put my tissues away. Loved the book

    Karen L S

  • This a real tearjerker , a lovely story with an unexpected ending

    Karen L S

  • This book was one of the best i have read, this is the first time i have ever made an effort to write a review, it was obviously done from the heart. Amanda puts everything in to it, it had everything, I cant wait for her next one . Thank you Amanda fantastic book.!!

    brenda blair

  • Sorry but I did not enjoy this book. The mumbo-jumbo about the moonstone was too unreal and I could not take it seriously. Perhaps if it had been put in a science fiction genre I could have suspended by disbelief. Sorry not for me but then I felt the same about The Time Travellers Wife.

    Ann Allan

  • I couldn't put this book down, a fantastic read with an unexpected twist. A real tear jerker.


  • amazing, touching, emotional. One of the best books ever. Thank you for your recommendation

    Amanda Way

  • i loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read it in 1 sitting as so gripping. did not see the end coming either,never expected that.


  • I loved this book - it's my favourite of the 8 books in the spring read. It captivated me from the very first page and the ending was completely unexpected.


  • Yet another brilliant book from the Richard & Judy Book Club. I couldn't put this book down, I loved it. The characters were really likeable and believable, I could visualise the house and garden and the village, it was just a great story.


  • Yesterdays Sun by Amanda Brooke is one of the most hauntingly,beautiful,heartbreaking books I have ever read.I loved it so much that I would recommend it to anyone.Can not wait for her next book.


  • I had high hopes for this book but was left feeling disappointed, I really couldn't manage to emotionally invest in the story it was just too far fetched and the twist too predictable in my opinion.


  • I am just over half way through this book and cannot put it down. I can visualise the house and garden, it seems so real. Have read the other reviews and am so excited about the many have said it was unexpected. Will post back once I have reached the ending.

    Lorraine Joad

  • it was a lovely story. could not put it down..


  • An incredibly moving story which I could literally not put down. The twist may have been a little predictable, as some have mentioned, but for me the ending was a complete surprise. Yesterday's Sun definitely a must read and I can not wait for Amanda Brooke's next book!!!


  • I am surprised at the 4 star rating. It's a 3 in my opinion. A nice easy read and I could easily put it down without feeling the need to get back to it so the 'grip' factor wasn't there for me.


  • Really loved this book. Captivated me from page one.

    chris ray

  • I usually enjoy Richard & Judy's selections, but not this book! Two dimensional characters, silly plot, unbelievable dialogue - just a boring book which left me wishing I hadn't wasted the time on it.


  • I really didn't enjoy this book at all! Annoying characters who I felt absolutely nothing for, and a far fetched story that I just couldn't be bothered with, I read to the end out of curiosity, but was left disappointed and bored. Not up to the usual R & J quality I think and can't understand the rave reviews!

    Susan Evans

  • A beautiful story told in a way that keeps the reader wanting to turn the page,pulling you further into the story with each chapter.Should come with a warning on the cover that not much else will be achieved until you have finished this book! Definitely a "must read".

    Shelley Williamson

  • A lovely,funny story about such a deeply moving issue.The way the story is told had me making attachments to the main characters very quickly so I knew I would be crying at the end either with tears of deep saddness or tears of pure joy. Beautiful,entertaining page turner.Definitely worth reading.

    Shelley Williamson

  • A wonderful, wonderful book that is a must for everyone. You really want to find out what happens and it reduced me to tears on a couple of occasions. I loved the characters and wanted to find out what happened to them. A definite one to read.

    Su Trinder

  • I've never read a book and wanted to write a review before but I feel like I have to share that this has to be the best book that I've read, I was gripped within the first few chapters and I was fond of the characters. I can honestly say that I haven't read a book like it and I can't wait for her next book! The story is very moving which had me in tears, I didn't expect the ending at all and it's kept me thinking 'what happens next?'. Would definitely recommend and I will be reading it again as its reminded me how much I love reading!


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