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Gregg Hurwitz

'I know you, don't I?' Five words - that's all it takes to plunge Mike Wingate and his family into mortal danger. Mike doesn't recognise the crippled stranger who approaches him at a party ...but the stranger seems to know all about him. What has Mike done? Do they have the wrong man? Overnight, the threats become attacks, and Mike, his wife, and their young daughter learn they aren't safe anywhere -especially not their own home. He doesn't know who they are. He doesn't know what they want. But there's no time to figure it out - because his enemies have killed before, and he's next


Opening this book is like sticking your hand in a vice – once in, you’re gripped and you can’t get out. I read You’re Next in two straight sittings and finished it with a mixture of relief and regret. Relief that I was released at last; regret that there weren’t more chapters to come.

This is good old-fashioned thriller-writing at its best. Each chapter surges like a breaking wave into the next; there’s barely time to catch your breath. Mike Wingate is a builder turned property developer with a wife and young daughter. But on the day he pulls off his first really big deal - one that will set him up for life – he is targeted by two contract killers and is forced to go on the run with his family.

Why do these men want to liquidate Mike, his wife and child? Who is paying them to come after the Wingates? How can Mike protect himself and his family? And is the murderous chase in some way linked to his past: the fact he was inexplicably abandoned by his loving parents when he was a small boy, and has been unable to trace them since?

Help arrives in the shape of Shep, a career criminal Mike became blood brothers with in foster care. Shep can handle himself and knows how to live off the grid. But can he protect the Wingates and help Mike work out what’s going on? Hold your breath. No, seriously.


I love this kind of fast-paced, real-time American fiction. You’re Next is a classic of the genre, quite preposterous on the one hand, weirdly believable on the other.

I really liked Shep. When he and Mike were growing up in a care home, Shep was mercilessly hounded and beaten up by older boys, but never, ever submitted to them. Even after the worst of beatings, he would stagger to his feet, refusing to stay down. Mike protected him and the two forged a bond that decades later is as strong as it was in boyhood. Now, Shep, a wanted felon, rides in like the cavalry to rescue his old friend. It’s all rather touching, actually.

Gregg Hurwitz’s plotting is impeccable. Every twist and turn of the story makes sense; the growing sense of bafflement over why the Wingates are being hunted down is suspended in chapter after chapter until, finally, the truth is revealed. Yes, it has everything to do with Mike’s abandonment as a child. Yes, it is all about stakes that are dizzyingly high. And yes, the evil intent that presses close on the terrified family’s heels has a cold logic to it. And the book closes with a satisfying snap of a jigsaw finally coming together.

Richly satisfying, incredibly exciting, tautly written. More please, Mr Hurwitz.

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  • I loved reading this book, it was such an exciting page turner. I haven't read this author before but I enjoy this genre and have read lots of Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly so this was right up my street. It's hard to talk about it without giving the game away but the threat to the family is very well played and the internal battle and confusion of the Mike Wingate to discover and accept his past was very well done. I could imagine it turned into a film quite easily.


  • This was a great page turner even if it did stretch credibility at times. It was my first time reading this author but I'm going to try his other books now.


  • i am really confused about this book, soon as i got to chapter 5 when you meet dodge, hanley, ted and william i was like whats going on and where is this happening.

    brad mcnaughton

  • A great page turner, I couldnt put it down, I usually find this ilk of book drifts somewhat, but it kept me guessing right to the near end

    Edward Milner

  • This sounds a very exciting and griping onto the edge of you seat to see what happens next. I am really tempted to read this book


  • First four chapters done and I have to say I ain't to gripped, story line seems strange, I will slog on though.....for now!


  • I have just finished this book and enjoyed every minute of it. The author keeps your interest the whole way through and its exciting ending had me hooked, not wanting to put the book down. It would make a fantastic film. I ave not read this author before but will certainly be doing so in the future. He has a wonderful way of describing that has i you there in the moment. A brilliant read- I would definitely recommend it!

    Amanda Goodwin

  • I couldnt put this book down. It was so good... until I got to the last couple of chapters and then I have to say i was very disappointed. It had me completely gripped and if you can turn your brain off at the end you'll love it. It also managed to scare the life out of me - don't read it alone at night


  • Really enjoyed this book right up until the reason behind the threats is revealed - though a little unbelieveable. Though by this stage I was hooked enough to be curious to find out how it all ends up.


  • read this book for book club, had been told it was a fab thriller but found that although the information in the 1st halk of the book was interesting & important it didnt feel quick enough for a thriller. Then i reached the half way mark & it fullfilled all my needs, it was fast moving and even suprised me a few times! I didnt see things coming. It was a good read & enjoyed it but would have liked the action to have began earlier! it may have worked better it the author had spread the 1st half of the book & flashbacks between the 2nd half!

    eddie bessant

  • Absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down as soon as I started reading it. I was a "little" dissapointed with the plot of why he was being stalked e.g. Indian - casino etc.(without giving away too much for people who haven't read the book), but overall a very good book.


  • Reading this book felt like being on a rollercoaster! I couldn't breathe and had to stop reading periodically in order to get my breath back! And just like a crazy ride the end comes in sight and you feel a sense of relief. But, what I want to know is, where can I find discussion questions for my book club to discuss at our next session - we have all loved the book!

    Jean Goff

  • My husband, myself and daughter all read this book on holiday, once each of us started reading it we couldnt put it down, I was dissapointed when I finished reading it, it has made me definitely want to read more from this author, brilliant book and story line, loved every page.

    Hanna Bennett

  • This is a real page turner and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very hard to put down and would say to myself one more chapter, but 4 or 5 chapters down the line I was still reading. Okay, its a bit OTT and unbelievable in places but its full of suspense and intrigue, and I liked the ending! Normally books of this genre have a totally unbelievable ending and you end up disappointed - not the case for me here. Don't take it to seriously ,get swept up with it and enjoy.


  • Really couldn't get into this book and found myself putting it down frequently


  • This book uncovers one of what could be films best characters of our time, Shep is character gold for any actor lucky to get that call.


  • I am on page 90 and bored to death. I hope it gets better later, not so "thrilling" for a thriller.


  • Has anyone got something more to say about this book than "it's an absolute page turner" and "it would make a great movie"?? "the bird cage" is a great movie similarly "good morning Vietnam" they tell such wonderful stories about life. "Good morning Vietnam" gives a brilliant picture of what the war in Vietnam was like for someone who was nowhere near it! And "the bird cage" couldn't potray a better picture of life in Miami nor the nor the panderings of politicians. Try Michael Connelly "the lincoln lawyer" now that is a book worth reading. I learn about the law and life and love and the movie is an excellent portrayal of the book and I can't wait to read another of Connelly's books!

    Rosi D

  • I have good and bad things to say about this book. The good is that I thought it was a great book. The bad is I stupidly offerwed my Kindle to my husband when he was bored sunbathing on holiday and suggested he may like this book. 5 days into the holiday and I have lost both my Kindle and my husband's attention. Oh well as the Tremeloes used to sing 'Silence is Golden' ;-)


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