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Monday 13 October 2014

JUDY: Going to ITV's Pride Of Britain Awards this week made me realise I don't get out much any more.

Well I do go out of course but on a very small scale these days since I stopped doing telly. As a family we patronise our local pubs, cafes and restaurants. A couple of low-key drinks or an impromptu lunch with friends. Nothing posh, nothing splendid, no one famous to gawp at as we eat.

But last Monday night I landed on planet celebrity with a bump, suddenly catapulted into the middle of a glitzy do in London's Park Lane. Big occasions like this were always dressy but this time I was dazzled. "My dear, the sequins, the people."

The invitations specified lounge suits rather than black tie and ballgowns. This was so as not to intimidate the nice normal folk who'd been invited to receive awards for their courage and heroism. They've saved lives, overcome impossible odds and yet are humblingly modest and gracious.

But despite the embargo on black tie, what a sequin-fest this was. Susanna Reid from Good Morning Britain wore a dazzlingly clingy gold number with a risqué cleavage. She looked so professionally glossy I half expected her to burst into Big Spender.

Amanda Holden wore sparkling, slinky sequined blue and although the incredibly competent host Carol Vorderman eschewed sequins and encased herself in a tight red number which made her figure as voluptuous as Wonderwoman's, she was the epitome of exotic show-time allure.

I kind of remember TV-land beanfeasts being slightly more homely. Sure the soap starlets were always scantily clad, their false eyelashes so long and thick that they left a distinct breeze behind them as the girls trooped giggling to the stage to collect their Best Soap gongs. But the more mature ladies? Surely they were a little less - ahem - obtrusive? No matter. I had a lovely time even though I felt like a country mouse invited to Cinderella's Ball. I was shrouded from head to toe in black. If I'd had a veil, you'd have thought I was wearing a burka. Hey-ho. Richard liked my outfit.

It's nice to see how the other half parties but it's so much nicer to get home to planet normal.

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