Amal Clooney is destined to be the next Jackie Kennedy

Monday 6 October 2014

R: I think George Clooney's new wife, has cause to gripe.

The world has been saying that her husband is now "lost" to womanhood after the pair's incredibly romantic, glamorous marriage in Venice.

Excuse me. Mrs Amal Clooney, nee Alamuddin, a 30-something hot shot barrister with legs from here to ya-ya is something of a loss to unmarried men as well. Bright, beautiful, bodaciously successful. I bet there were some male broken hearts a bobbin' and a sobbin' in the wake of her water-taxi too.

J: Richard here praises the delectable charms of George Clooney's new bride Amal Alamuddin. She's gorgeous and I loved the whole joyous nature of their wedding. Not for these A-listers the sulky secrecy of the usual celeb nuptials, excluding the masses who pay their fabulous wages.

George and Amal steamed up and down Venice's Grand Canal umpteen times in an open boat called Amore, smiling and waving to Clooney's adoring fans. With each trip Amal looked increasingly fabulous in a different designer frock.

But despite her glamour the politically active George hasn't just married a fellow film star.

What he's got is a beautiful bona fide human rights lawyer with a brain the size of a planet. And with her by his side, says a relative, "he'll probably run for office".

I'll make a prediction. After Hillary Clinton completes her second term as US president in 2023, George will be the next incumbent in the Oval Office. And with Amal on his arm Camelot will be reborn. Mrs Clooney will be the most glamorous first lady since Jackie Kennedy.

Read Richard and Judy's Daily Express column in full here.
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