It is easier to colour code identical baby triplets

Monday 11 August 2014

Image Credit:@ITVWales

Paige, Ffion and Maddison, who have just celebrated their first birthday, are totally indistinguishable from each other so their parents Ian and Karen have hit on a novel way to tell them apart. Each girl has a different-coloured nail-varnish painted on their big toes. The colour on each baby matches the first letter of her name. So, Paige's are painted purple, Ffion's are fuchsia and Maddison's tootsies are decorated in mint-green.

Before anyone starts protesting about the iniquity of making baby girls wear nail polish it is only their big toes that are varnished and their mother says: "It's not a fashion statement. We really struggle to tell them apart. It makes it a lot easier when it comes to our daily routine of feeding, bathing, and nappy-changing. The colour-coding helps us to know who has had what."

However cute they are identical siblings do pose severe problems for dozy, sleep-deprived parents. When my twin boys were born alike as peas in a pod we kept their hospital ID bracelets on for the first few weeks.

They slept at opposite ends of the same cot and remembering to put them back at the right end after a middle-of-the-night feed was very difficult, especially for my husband, who was brilliant at helping with the broken nights but even more exhausted than me because he had to go to work every day.

As they got older I hit on the idea of dressing them in different colours, Tom in red and Dan in blue. It was so much easier to nip into Mothercare and buy two of everything rather than searching for completely different outfits. So the red/blue colour scheme worked a treat.

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  • I haven't personally had that problem as there is 12 years apart with mine, but the idea of the nail polish is a great idea, well done hope it makes things easier, although a joy having triplets, it could be a nightmare, enjoy !!!

    rosemary wilson

  • I agree, I think it's a fantastic idea! Whatever works for the family!