Mouse Mingle helps lovers of Disney come together

Monday 21 December 2015

HURRAY! There’s a new dating site called Mouse Mingle, the aim of which is to connect people who love Disney and “want that same magic in their relationship”, as it says on the website.

No, it hasn’t been set up by Mickey and Minnie, but by a man who couldn’t find anyone to date who shares his obsession with Disney.

I know. You probably think it’s ridiculous. Yet you wouldn’t believe how indicative of character and personality a love of Disney can be.

One of my sons told me recently that he could only marry a girl who loves visiting Disney World as much as he does.

And, no, he’s not five years old – he’s a very grown-up chap.

Thankfully he already has a girlfriend so he hopefully he won’t need to use Mouse Mingle. If he did, I dread to think what kind of weirdo he might have brought home for Christmas.

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