How to be Famous

Caitlin Moran

The hilarious, big-hearted, no-holds-barred sequel to Cailtin Moran’s bestselling debut novel How to Build a Girl. How to Be Famous is a quick-witted and painfully honest novel about fame, fortune and female friendship. Part feminist-comedy, part Britpop romance, it’s alive with all the energy, heartache and resilience of being young, free and reckless.


Johanna Morrigan (a.k.a. Dolly Wilde) is just too cool for school – which is why she’s left education behind and at 19 is writing for the hippest music magazine in the UK. We are in the 1990s and the era of Britpop is at its height. But Johanna/Dolly is preoccupied. She’s had bad sex with obnoxious, sleazy comedian Jerry Sharp and now he’s out to publicly shame her. She’s also hopelessly in unrequited love with rock star John Kite. Funny, sharp, shocking – this is Caitlin Moran at her best

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