The Heatwave

Kate Riorden

Elodie was beautiful. Elodie was smart. Elodie was troubled. Elodie is dead. In Provence, under a sweltering sun, Sylvie returns to the crumbling family home of La Reverie with her youngest daughter Emma. Yet every corner of the house is haunted by the memories of Elodie, her first child - memories she has tried to forget, but whose long-ago death the villagers certainly haven't. As temperatures rise, and forest fires rage through the French countryside, memories of Elodie spread further through Sylvie's mind . . . Because there's something Sylvie's been hiding about what happened to Elodie all those summers ago. And it could change everything.


After a decade living in London Sylvie, a French woman, and her 13 year old daughter Emma, are summoned back to Sylvie’s old family home in the south of France. There, in a swelteringly hot summer, Sylvie becomes haunted by the ghost of her troubled older daughter, Elodie, who died ten years ago in awful circumstances, and Sylvie is forced to confront a dark and dangerous past she had long buried.

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