The Snakes

Sadie Jones

Family secrets can be deadly... Newly-weds Dan and Bea decide to escape London. Driving through France in their beaten-up car they anticipate a long lazy summer, worlds away from their ordinary lives. But their idyll cannot last. Stopping off to see Bea's brother at his crumbling hotel, the trio are joined unexpectedly by Bea's ultra-wealthy parents. Dan has never understood Bea's deep discomfort around them but living together in such close proximity he begins to sense something is very wrong. Just as tensions reach breaking point, brutal tragedy strikes, exposing decades of secrets and silence that threaten to destroy them all.


Bea and Dan, recently married, happy but badly-off, embark on a low-budget three month tour of Europe, stopping in France at Bea’s ‘waster’ brother Alex’s dilapidated hotel, which is infested with snakes.

Soon Bea’s immensely wealthy but cruel parents arrive. They drive a wedge between her and Dan, and instigate a truly terrible tragedy. A snake-pit indeed, and an absolutely brilliant thriller.

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