Will Gallows and the Snake Bellied Troll

Will Gallows and the Snake Bellied Troll Cover

Derek Keilty

Will is a young elfling sky cowboy who begins a quest to catch the evil troll bandit who killed his father. A well-written, fast-paced story that’s ‘wild west’ meets fantasy. Clever characters.

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"I really loved it – my brother’s reading it now and he’s older" James, aged 8


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  • I loved this book, very original and inventive. Not just one for the kids but adults who like a bit of fantasy. Keilty displays not only good writing but also wit and well drawn characters. I'm sure it's very difficult to be original these days with creating new worlds but Keilty has created a fascinating new world with the Great West Rock. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully a great series.

    Gareth McKinty

  • Can we have a recommended age group for childrens books?


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