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Monday 6 September 2010

Hi everyone. Just heard from WHSmith that you are trusting our reviews and recommendations for all the books – they have sold very well indeed over the first three days since we launched. Phew! But Richard and I have already had face-to-face feedback (what an odd way for me to put it... never mind) from people. A woman came up to Richard at the chemists this morning and said she’d read the whole of our first reviewed novel, Sister, more or less in one go over the weekend and she loved it. A friend of mine just phoned to say pretty much the same thing.

Richard’s off at a meeting with the team who make Who do you think You Are; he just phoned to say they are incredibly excited at something they have uncovered in his family tree. They won’t say any more than that, so he’s all agog. They want to start filming next month and it means a lot of foreign travel; though they won’t confirm which country yet. All very mysterious and exciting...

I don’t know if he said this in his blog, but it really is peculiar seeing big posters of the two of us in WHSmith. I know we should be used to that kind of thing but it still makes me do a double-take...

Anyway, enjoy the reads. Bye for now.


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  • Hello there As an avid book reader and published author I would love to get involved. How do I get started? Best wishes Teresa

    teresa geering

  • Hi, love the club, how do you get to choose the books? I expect you get loads of people trying to get their books looked at - I'm another one. Can I submit a synopsis or is that not possible?

    Love Pat

    Pat Gleeson