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Thursday 28 October 2010

So here we are, another Thursday and our weekly column to write for the Saturday Express. So why am I blogging; surely there’s a deadline to meet. Er... yes, at about 4pm, but I can’t think of what my lead should be. (Judy’s fine; she’s already decided on hers and is tapping away on her laptop upstairs even now).

Which brings me to answer a much asked question – when Judy and I are writing, whether it’s our own novels or the column, or even our autobiography (ten years ago that was) do we work in the same room, across the table?

Nooooooooooooooo!!! We’d drive each other nuts! No. As far as the autobiog went, we wrote our own chapters about our childhoods and the time before we met. Even after that point, we wrote completely separate accounts, and didn’t confer at all. In fact we only read each other’s chapters when the book was printed. It was an interesting experience for the two of us, seeing the other’s take on events we lived through together.

Ditto on the way we write the novels (although Jude’s done far more of hers than I have on mine. I’m planning a blitz on writing from mid-November, when I finish another stint of Chris Evans’ R2 brekkie show, to mid-December). I usually write mine in the dining room or kitchen; Jude invariably does hers from the sanctuary of the bedroom, in a sort of armchair of pillows. She needs absolute peace and quiet when she’s writing; I actually quite like a bit of a buzz around me, people coming in and out, phones going, etc. In fact when I was writing Fathers and Sons I often used to knock off a few pages in our C4 programme office when I’d finished my bits of that evening’s script. I think it must be because I started out in a busy newsroom where you have to write against a very noisy background; you get used to it.

Ah! I think I’ve just had a thought for that lead, but I’ll have to do a quick bit of research first (thank God for Google). Before I go, a reminder that as of today, No and Me becomes our ‘on review’ recommended read in WHSmith. You can read our personal views on by clicking here .

Judy says hi - I think she’s just tweeted for first time in ages (she’s been head-down with her novel); I say bye!


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  • i hate loose women but watched it because you two were on. Just love the bookclub i have found loads of new authors from you two, keep up the good work!


  • Hello there, Have you heard yet about "Seeds in the Wind:From Petit Valley to Staten Island? It is a newly published memoir, written by Sue-Ann Commissiong and published by Olympia Publishers. She tells her story in a poignant and descriptinve manner which tugs at your heartstrings. I laughed, cried and got angry and would love to hear how it affected you.

    Diane A. harper