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Thursday 9 September 2010


A massive thank you to everyone who’s supported the Book Club – it’s really taken off. We are both absolutely thrilled for the authors, who so deserve their success; they all write so beautifully. Where to begin...


OK, our first reviewed book, Sister by Rosamund Lupton, became WHSmith’s top-selling paperback within three days of the launch. That’s amazing. All the other seven have gone straight into The Bookseller (trade magazine) best-seller list. All of them! As Richard says, this is thrilling news. Actually you can see our interview with Rosamund (we’ll post interviews with each featured author every two weeks) by clicking here .


Another random stat; Operation Mincemeat is now the number two best selling factual paperback. It’s put on hundreds of per cent of extra sales overnight. That’s all down to your enthusiasm and putting your trust in our recommendations. Thanks again. We did think long and hard before making our choices. Luckily we both agreed.

Meanwhile on the home front, we have FINALLY got our London broadband reconnected after a summer of total disconnection. Bleedin’ ‘enry... thought it would never happen. Luckily we’re online down here in Cornwall. Talland Bay looking sensational in early autumn sunshine. All right, make that late summer sunshine; too depressing to say goodbye to a summer that never was.


As usual, he puts an optimistic shine on the weather. Yes, there’s sunshine but also some very nasty looking dark clouds too. Anyway, have to go – we have our newspaper column to finish. Deadline is 3pm. I’m going to write about Rooney: I think that’s a more layered and complicated story than is being reported. Bye!


They’re not that dark... bye!

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  • Lovely little blog! The two of you write just as you are, like a married couple.


  • Really looking forward to reading Sisters!

    jennifer Gardner

  • I really LOVED Sister I was in tears more than once, now going to read The Snowman.


  • read the first 2 books "sister" and "the snowman" great reads moving on to the third now , thanks for doing the book club love it, no one does it like you two x

    gail x