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Thursday 2 December 2010


Hi everyone, and thanks to all of you who’ve tweeted your snow photos, mostly to Richard’s twitter account... amazing stuff. In some shots it looks easily two feet deep or more.

We’re in America so are missing it all. If we were planning to fly home today or tomorrow, looks like we couldn’t – Gatwick’s closed, apparently. For everyone who read our 2nd book club offering, The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, hands up who’s been tempted to build a snowman right up close to the house, staring creepily in at the windows, as in the book? Richard says he’d be really tempted to if we were there now...


Damn straight I would, but in secret. Then leave all the lights off that night, call Judy in, tell her to look out the window, and snap on the outside security lamp, no warning. Huge snowman face grinning in... pass the smelling salts...

If you follow me on Twitter (@richardm56 , Judy’s on @judybookclub) you’ll probably know that it’s another bookman’s holiday, as it were, for us. We brought all the titles on the winter/spring long-list to read, and have chosen the new books to go into WHSmith at the start of January. It was a hard call; we hate pushing some of the contenders into the ‘no’ pile but we can’t make the list any longer – it was originally meant to be six, though we stretched it to eight...


It’s a great final cut: it’s funny, but somehow I feel personally proud of the authors, especially the first-timers. The first one of the list is a cracker (we’re not allowed to name them until January) and I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s a really, really good story by a debut writer; you just don’t want to finish it. The others are all very different from each other but terrific reads all.


They all deserve to do well... and speaking of best-sellers, having seen the new Harry Potter film (my review here on the website) we’re indulging our inner child, both of us, and going to the new Hogwarts theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando next week. Lots of you have given it personal reviews (in 140 characters or less) on Twitter and it sounds amazing. Can’t wait. Then home to wrap up some Book Club P.R., Christmas (a white one this year???) and sitting in for Chris Evans again on the R2 Breakfast show for the first two weeks of January.


And I’ll try and finish writing my novel. It’s quite difficult to read intensively and write your own stuff at the same time; I must get back to it. Bye for now (and I’ll try and tweet more often, honest. I knew I’d be rubbish at it...)


Yup, bye all. Stay warm.

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  • Thanks for the book club. I have enjoyed all the books I've read so far, some more than others!

    Is there any chance of seeing the long-lists from which the books are chosen? Would love to see what other books have been contenders for the book club.

    Thanks, Charlotte


  • Can't wait for your novel Judy. Look fwd to your tweets also, rest assured some of us DO want to know what you had for breakfast etc. Yeah I know! *notreallyacrazedstalkerhonest*


  • Just wanted to say all the books on the 2010 list are great, as always! Thanks to the Book Club I have read so many fantastic books I would never have thought to read otherwise. I cant wait for the new list to come out in January!..


  • Hi R & J, I just wondered how you two got on, on the Facebook book list challenge? Love the blogs and lists, thanks for all your past and recent recommendations.