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Monday 6 September 2010

Hi everyone, writing this in a Sunday afternoon Starbucks. Broadband was cut off from our house in London by the National Grid TWO MONTHS AGO and we’re still waiting for a reconnection. Doesn’t really bother Judy as she doesn’t go online much but it’s been driving the rest of us bonkers. (Grits teeth, clenches fists, sips coffee while calms down). I mean, EIGHT WEEKS. A chance they’ll get it up again tomorrow (like, yeah, sure). When we first complained back in July BT told us we didn’t have a broadband connection with them, which was surprising as the computer screen says we are with BT Zen. I could go on but I’ll probably have a seizure and I don’t really want to go to the next world via a Starbucks.

Well, the Book Club is well and truly launched. Feedback via Twitter tells me those who have bought our first reviewed novel, Sister are without exception loving it. Judy and I trawled through loads of books when we were in France – WHSmith couriered down boxfuls of long-list hopefuls – and we were supposed to get them down to a shortlist of six. But they were SO good we managed to get WHS to stretch the shortlist to eight.

It’s funny seeing ourselves in the front window of every WHS store we pass – you get a little jolt of shock; it’s a bit weird, even though we’ve been here before. But it flags the whole thing up and when you go inside you can’t miss our selection – they have their own dedicated display with yet more posters of us on the top like mountaineers who’ve scaled a pile of books.

People have been stopping us and asking which are our favourites. It’s a tricky one as they are all so well written and either gripping or totally absorbing. For a great serial killer story, try The Snowman. It’s bloody terrifying. Sister, the first one to get a full review (all the others will follow, one every two weeks) is a brilliant, creepy story. Judy really loved that one, in fact she read it first and waved it at me when she’d finished, saying it was a definite for the club.

Waiting for Columbus is a really original story set is Spain, about a guy who thinks he’s Columbus, the explorer. It sounds ridiculous but as the book goes on, you start wondering if he somehow IS the re-incarnation of a guy who died 500 years ago. It’s set in a mental asylum and is a really compelling psychological mystery. I loved it from the first page to the last.

Oh well... time to leave the delights of Starbucks behind and get home to start the Sunday lunch. Roast pork this week; crackling, roasties, stuffing, and M&S Yorkshire puds. Hope you had a great weekend; more regular blogs from the both of us as we go through the autumn. Judy says hi.


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  • Sunday lunch sounded great.Just got back from a gruelling 4 hr drive from Devon after visiting my daughter and grandchildren for the week-end (Stonehenge looks really spooky in the half light!!)Finished reading Sister on Saturday - really enjoyed it - good choice. Just started The Snowman. Really very scary and not too sure if I am brave enough to continue to read it whilst my husband is away! Only got the dog for company but she does love eating snow. I'm only too pleased to have started it before any snow comes along. I'll never want to see a Snowman again. Your blogs are great and very entertaining. Regards Katie

    Katie Mash