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Monday 11 October 2010


Hi everyone. Getting so much feedback now on the first tranche of books in the book club – not surprising; I just flicked thru the Sunday Times best seller list and Sister and the Snowman still moving up the top ten. Almost everywhere we go, people come over to talk about those and other books on the list, which is really nice, and a sort of relief - six weeks or so since the launch, it remains surprisingly reassuring that the books Richard and I chose over the summer are going down ok. You never know... the whole thing is so subjective.


It’s Sunday night as we blog this and for the first time in two Sundays I’m not worrying about getting to bed early ‘cos of the breakfast show on R2. So I can watch Strictly, X Factor and Downton Abbey guilt-free. But as I’ve already said on Twitter, HUGE thanks to all of you who were so encouraging during my fortnight filling in for Chris Evans – your tweets, texts, and shout outs on the street were really appreciated. Thank you. Four weeks tonight I’ll be back to feeling anxious about bedtime, as I sit in for Christoff for a week starting Nov 8th.


Isn’t this Indian Summer amazing? It’s been misty and fairly mizzly down here in Cornwall for days until lunchtime today, and then the sun finally burned through. We were having Sunday lunch inside a restaurant, sitting by some French windows, and when the sun came out the staff opened the doors. It felt like summer but there can’t be many more days like this before autumn arrives properly. I don’t mind the colder weather but I do miss the light.


I like a lustrous winter, but I agree about the light, especially when the clocks go back (very soon now). I fully appreciate Scotland’s issues with dark mornings and we can’t dismiss them, but why not a split time zone, so south of the border sticks with BST in winter, while north of Carlisle they drop back an hour? If the USA can cope with FOUR time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific) surely we could cope with one? I see the coalition are making positive noises about this, but don’t hold your breath.

Oh well, nearly time to find out who’s been booted off Strictly. It’s at times like this I am SO glad I’m not doing it...


Bye everyone – again, we’re so glad you are enjoying the books. Don’t forget you can post your review on the websites, and vote for your favourite. We really enjoy reading your own opinions on them.



Don't forget the latest featured book is The Snowman and you can watch Richard and Judy talking to the author Jo Nesbo by clicking here.

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  • So lovely to see you two again xx

    Jean Marshall

  • Hi Richard andJudy, I have written a small fictional book called 'THE FACKER WEDDING.' It would be an honour if you two could read it and give me your own personal feedback on it. It all came about with visits to Cardiff with my three friends Brenda,Sue and all good friends we took the mick out of each other and Brenda being the eldest, we nicknamed her Mother.Then low and behold (to cut the story short) gradually The Fackers were born and the story began to unfold in my head.With my friends permission of course, i have used a very small part of all our characters and exaggerated them forming the family of Mother Facker and her three daughters,Chrysanthemum, Bluebell and Gladioli.Its a lighthearted comedy of misunderstanding and mayhem set in a pretty village of 'Let Ripp' just outside of Cardiff. It has only 76pages and i had it self published. I have now taken it up as a hobby(i enjoyed writing stories up until my teens) and have my 2nd Facker family story being printed at this present time called 'The Fackers Family Matters',and i have nearly completed second chapter of my third 'The Fackers Cracking christmas'.I have only had them printed for family and friends at present, but it would be a joy to know your comments on the story. Many thanks, hope to hear from you soon. Ella Dugdale

    Ella Dugdale