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Wednesday 25 August 2010

So here we are in a week of new beginnings, back from our long sojourn in the south of France. It wasn't all sun, wasps and rose wine - we did actually do some work over the summer. Judy first:

'Yup, knocked out over 20,000 words for my first novel. It's a ghost story set in Cornwall. I must say I'm REALLY enjoying the process. I find I write best late at night, for some reason - probably because there are no distractions.

'My son Dan gave me Stephen King's wonderful guide to creating a novel 'On Writing' and that's been a massive help. I follow his basic mantra - "just get writing and don't worry about it". So that's what I've done and, fingers crossed, the story seems to be developing, although sometimes along surprising lines. Dialogue and plots seem to form themselves almost by themselves... it's very strange.'

Richard: 'We had so much reading to do over the summer, to select the Book Club short-list from a very long long-list, that I'm amazed Judy got so much writing done. I didn't do nearly as much for my book, and once we've got the club safely launched this week I MUST get down to it. I know what Jude means about the story and characters almost leading you rather than the other way round. I woke up one morning a few months back with an entire family living in my head in the year 1938. Names, personalities, everything. It's weird. Almost like a benign possession.

'Anyway, books went onto a back shelf when we drove back from Nice to Cornwall last week - 1,200 miles. Overnighted in Dijon on the way back. It's great to be home again but there are even more bloody wasps here that in France, and some potty pressure group is calling for people to stop swatting them. Give me a break. Aren't there slightly more important things to worry about?'

Judy:' We had to be back in Talland Bay in time for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Friday. For reasons far too barmy to go into here, the whole prog came from a field near our house. It was a hoot - hundreds of happy campers, Moira Stewart reading the news from the back of a horse-box, and me plonked on a comedy throne. Chris got Rich to represent him in the traditional sporting challenge against Jonnie Saunders and he (Rich) was crap, losing heavily in an egg and spoon race. He blamed the combination of wearing Timberland boots and Jonnie's ruthless competiveness.

Richard: 'Er, excuse me - the guy is a full-on athlete. I didn't have a chance. Chris is wise to delegate the challenges to someone else. Anyway, it was brilliant fun and we both saw again what an amazing broadcaster Chris is - he really is foremost in his generation.

'Then it was back to London because I was doing the Radio 2 Sunday Brunch Show sitting in for Michael Ball. I'm really enjoying my stints on R2 and there are lots more coming up'

'Anyway, from both of us, welcome to the website, and we'll keep you updated with regular blogs and, of course, material about the books on our first WHSmith list. Byee.'

Richard and Judy

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  • Hi, Sure you get lots of the but have written a childrens book.How do I copywright it and who to go to. Please can you advise. Can't wait to read Judy'd Cornish ghost story. Kind rgards Katie Mash ps I could let you read the first chapter?

    Katie Mash

  • Hi, Book Club is a great idea especially for bringing some notice to new writers. I'm currently enjoying 'Not All Sunshine & Sand' by Paul Rowlands, a local writer who opens up the world of long distance trucking. Fascinating stories about a life most of us will not experience. It reveals the comedy, comraderie - and pain - of working in a industry that has a new perspective on travel. Regards Sue