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Thursday 2 September 2010


'Hi everyone. Halfway through launching the book club - press interviews, magazines, radio (on Steve Wright later, sometime after 3.30) and now a photoshoot. Very Kate Moss. Anyone see This Morning this morning? It was already feeling like we'd stepped out of the Tardis when we stepped out of the lift (same faces as when we left in 2001, mostly) and then Eammon Holmes didn’t show for the opening (traffic) so I did it with his Mrs. Felt EXACTLY like ten years ago, especially as Judy was giggling on the sofa.'


'Yes, it was weird all right. Then Eammon puffed in, tried to take over, and Richard wouldn’t let him. V funny. So E came and sat by me. It was like an episode of Wife Swap... I think the Book Club launch is going OK. The Blair/Hague stuff squeezed it a bit in the papers this morning, but still some good spreads when I looked in the Sun and Mirror (I sound like Lily Allen). And Steve Wright was very enthusiastic.'


'Gotta go. We're in a photographic studio in Camden and the snapper says he'd ready. To be honest, I hate photo-shoots. You have to smile and smile and in the end you feel like you're doing an impression of Gordon Brown at an election press conference. Byee...'

This Morning

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  • aww so cosy...could i be cheeky and ask richard and judy's advice please...

    lynne hughes

  • Hi Richard and Judy, I'm a forty-five year old nurse. I've written a book 'Made of Steel' about 41'000 words. It's a true story sad but humorous about my extraordinary life and how i managed to overcome many truamatic events including my childs not one but two life threatening illnesses, one of which he lay blue in front of me and the other for which he underwent chemotherapy. Also what my upbringing was like with my parents love-hate relationship, my father being an alcoholic. How i managed to overcome violent sexual abuse weeks after the double funeral of my parents and much more. It's a compelling read. My husband read it and it made him both laugh and cry. I haven't approached any publishers yet and wondered if you would be interested in doing a book review for me. I thought you would be the perfect people to do this for me.

    I look forward to your reply

    Kind regards

    Christine Doherty

    C Doherty