'A Prince in touch with his people'

Monday 10 February 2014

He has (literally) waded knee-deep into the muddy waters of the Great Somerset Levels Flood Row and been characteristically forthright in his opinions about the useless civil servants who are supposed to have prevented this mess, having promised to do just that after the floods last year.

I really enjoyed his acerbic remark when asked if he thought the Environment Agency had done enough: “You may very well think so. I couldn’t possibly comment.”

Pure Francis Urquhart from the TV political drama House Of Cards.

I imagine Chris Smith, the complacent chairman of the agency, is huffing and puffing now at this royal interference. But it’s sadly needed.

Charles is a countryman at heart, he understands farming issues and has told the poor Somerset locals that it’s “shocking” so little has been done.

As for Chris Smith saying that the EA doesn’t have a bottomless purse to fund flood defences and has to decide whether to protect towns or countryside, that’s just outrageous.

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