Brittan paedo smear worse than a McCarthy witch-hunt

Monday 19 October 2015

Picture credit: Twitter/@Tom_watson

He spotted me across the supermarket car park and waved me down.

“Richard! A word!” I paused.

He didn’t look like a nutter.

“Er… can I help you?”

He hurried over.

About my age, well-spoken.

“You have a voice – you write a weekly newspaper column, don’t you?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“You’ve GOT to write about Tom Watson. That man HAS to be brought down.

“I work in the criminal justice system. Watson’s treatment of Leon Brittan was APPALLING. Disgusting, baseless allegations of rape and sexual abuse… it makes the McCarthy communist witch-hunt look like a model of even-handed balance and fairness.”

I nodded.

“OK, well, as it happens, I agree with you but be straight with me – are you speaking from a political perspective? Are you a Tory?”

He shook his head.

“Only if voting for Blair made me one, which in some quarters these days it apparently does.

“No, as I say, I’m… well, I’m a criminal barrister and I believe in the fundamentals of justice. I simply cannot believe what Watson was allowed to get away with. If Leon Brittan was alive today I’d be advising him to sue the a*** off him. But you can’t libel a dead man, can you? Oh, the sheer cowardice!”

I’m not normally lobbied in this way but my man was sincerely angry and I instinctively felt I was glimpsing the tip of an iceberg.

We British have a fundamental belief in fair play and justice and my suited and booted interloper was, I think, articulating a groundswell of revulsion.

There was not a shred of evidence against Brittan, yet we now know that Watson dragged the dying man’s name through the sewer.

On that evening’s TV news I watched Watson’s slippery evasions, his refusal to apologise.

And, as a former Labour voter I reflected on the party’s gobsmacking implosion overnight into irrelevance and absurdity.

Jeremy Corbyn, not so much a leader as an arrested-development student radical, and Watson, his deputy, the quintessential playground bully.

What a pair.

And then their Shadow Cabinet – a would-be chancellor who wishes to “ferment” the demise of capitalism while flip-flopping over the deficit (yes, that WAS “embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing” Mr McDonnell, as you yourself so pungently put it) and a vegan environment/ agriculture spokeswoman who believes British livestock farms are pure evil.

It’s not just beyond parody, it’s beyond belief.

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