Do as I say not as I do, says Pascal

Monday 30 June 2014

They jet around our skies, sticking their great size nine carbon footprints willy-nilly all over the atmosphere.

Some of their trips are ridiculously short but it's by air by hook or by crook for these fatcats. Why can't they take a planet-friendly train instead?

Of course they're never short of excuses when challenged on the subject, are they? Take international programme director Pascal Husting.

Only this week he came under fire from Greens for commuting 250 miles each way to work by plane.

Two hundred and fifty miles! I ask you! He's been doing it twice a month since 2012. Each round trip generates a whopping 142kg of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent over those two years to 17 barrels of oil (figures from airline KLM and the US Environmental Protection Agency).

Don't people like Pascal Husting care about the planet?

Read Richard and Judy's Daily Express column in full here.
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