Ed Miliband needs to show us he is confident in his own ability says Richard

Monday 13 April 2015

Credit: Twitter/@Election20I5

Sue Townsend, creator of the Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, aged 13¾, would have struggled to match Ed Milliband’s cringe inducing notes-to-self found in his dressing room after the election leaders’ debate.

They are beyond parody.

“Happy warrior. Calm, never agitated. Me vs DC… decency, principles, values.”

Even the put-downs were laboriously scribbled onto scraps of paper in case he forgot. It was verbatim, word-for-word stuff.

“Nick, we’ve heard it all before.

Before the last election you warned that the Tories’ plans were dangerous, and after the election you went along with them.”

Surely an aide memoir such as “Lib Dem hypocrisy/broken promises” would have sufficed?

What was Ed worried about?

“Brain fade” to match Green Party leader Natalie Bennett’s meltdown on LBC Radio last month?

It would be merely funny, albeit in a toe-curling way, if there wasn’t the real possibility of a Millibandrun country in a few weeks.

How will he manage? If he has to take a midnight transatlantic phone call from Obama, will he hurriedly reach for a sheaf of notes kept in the bedside drawer; a handy range of replies to cover all the bases?

Ed had responses written down for all eventualities last week.

One unused line was: “I can take five more weeks of attacks on me, but the British people can’t take five more years of you.”

Desperate stuff. Of course, what Ed’s leaked notes reveal is a deeply worrying lack of confidence and self reliance.

His car-crash of a leader’s speech at the party conference last autumn is probably partly to blame.

He winged it then, speaking entirely without notes, and as a consequence rabbited on weirdly about talking to strangers in parks, and clean forgot about the deficit.

Now he’s over-compensating and writing everything down in just in case.

You can almost see his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth as he scribbles down his cribs and “ad libs”.

I have no idea if SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon privately confided to the French that she doesn’t think Ed has what it takes to be prime minister.

But if she did, it’s one of the few things she’s said of late that I unreservedly agree with.

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  • Totally agree, terrified he'll get in, but also a little terrified of the alternative. Think I'll be voting for whoever will do least damage to our lifestyle, and that shouldn't really be what it is about!!!!

    Angela Mulheron