Hard-working Prince William deserves to be given a break

Monday 14 March 2016

Picture credit: Twitter/@Daily_Express

It's quite astonishing the way the public reacts to the Royal Family when it has the temerity to enjoy itself.

Take poor Prince William this week. Everyone loved him when he got married, had two gorgeous children and took a job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance service. With his salary going to charity he is in effect a volunteer but now it has emerged he flew “only” 20 hours a week, two-thirds of what his full-time colleagues fly. Cue outrage. Then again he’s accused of being lazy in fulfilling his royal duties.

In 2015 he carried out 122 engagements while the Queen clocked up 341. Wills can’t win. He has a job saving lives but because of his royal commitments he cannot do it full time. On the other hand he can’t carry out as many public engagements as full-time royals because he has a job. Actually, how many previous heirs to the throne have had a job at all? As Boris Johnson might say: “Donnez Wills un break.”

He’s a young father whose main priority is building a strong protective family to ensure his children enjoy the secure childhood he was denied himself. It’s easy to forget what William and Harry endured when they were small. Warring parents, massive negative publicity, a mother who was plagued by paparazzi everywhere she went and who was driven to the edge of breakdown by her hideous fame.

And after the trauma of their parents’ divorce their beloved mother was killed in a car crash when the boys were in their early teens. William is saving his life by protecting his family. He was lucky enough to find Kate and father two beautiful children. After his own experiences who can blame him for putting them first? It’s interesting that he and Kate have made children’s mental health their main cause.

Who would know more of the crippling emotional pain that can engulf youngsters than William? And by cherishing the privacy of his family he’s doing as much as he can to preserve their well-being. And now everyone slags him off because he took a four-day skiing break with Kate and the kids. Why on earth shouldn’t he? The pictures of this lovely little family grinning in the snow are enchanting. When I look at William I do not see a lazy playboy.

I see a serious-minded young man all too aware of his responsibilities, both familial and royal. A man whose workload will only increase as the Queen and his father age. What I see is a husband and father who will one day, almost miraculously considering his own sad and loss-filled childhood, make a king who will be a credit to his remarkable grandmother.

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  • Thank heavens, at last, the voice of common sense. What a shame it has had to be spelt out. Prince William is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Good luck to him and his wife - there will be plenty of time for scores more royal duties as time goes by. The time he spends now with Kate and their young family is setting the foundations for a strong and successful future for the monarchy.

    Debs Miller