Ken Morley is a plonker who belongs in the past

Monday 19 January 2015

What possesses celebrity plonkers such as Ken Morley to use racist language in public, let alone on network television?

Do they honestly think it’ll be OK; that we’ll all nudge each other and fondly say: “That Ken! What’s he like?!”

It’s a long time since Morley’s heyday as Coronation Street’s Reg Holdsworth.

Then, of course, his every word was scripted and there were no opportunities for the real person to pop out of his alter-ego of a hapless, bumbling but somehow lovable character.

He was hugely popular.

But the man behind the role has revealed himself on Celebrity Big Brother to be a sleazy, racist fool.

He adopted a fake Southern drawl as he cracked a racially offensive joke.

I’d have slung him out on the spot if I were producing the programme, not least because there was obviously a risk he’d do it again.

And despite being formally warned, he did, telling an unfunny story about Frank Bruno when they were in panto together.

Bruno played loud music in his personal dressing room, Morley said, so he called him on the theatre’s internal phone and in a posh voice said: “Lord Fauntleroy here, could you turn those negro rhythms down?”

What a pillock.

He’s fortunate the genial, kind-hearted Frank didn’t come round and offer a personal demonstration of his famous right-hook.

Anyway, the second racist crack saw Morley chucked off the show and not before time.

He’d already leeringly eyed up the women contestants in the CBB bathroom, cackling: “There’s always one place where you can get a good view of a really good a***,” and described model Cami Li as looking “half-Peruvian, half-whore”.

Such dry, scintillating wit.

With age is supposed to come wisdom.

Morley is 71.

Maybe his CBB car-crash will be some kind of late epiphany, but I doubt it.

Fellow contestant Nadia Sawala, one of the nicest people I know, called him “a very dangerous, nasty little man. I can’t be near him.”

Even his embarrassed son Roger went on Facebook to say: “I would like to apologise to anyone who may have been offended by my dad’s behaviour.”

Talk about the sins of the father being visited on the son.

I heard someone on a TV debate programme demi-defending Morley Snr, saying it was “a generational thing”.


The world’s moved on from the days when racist jokes and expressions were acceptable on TV.

Remember Love They Neighbour, back in the 1970s?

Would anyone find it anything other than offensive today, were they 16 or 70?

Oh yes. Ken Morley.

He’d laugh like a drain.

Read more in Richard and Judy's column for the Express here.
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  • Sorry Richard your article and comments about Ken are not fair. As for Nadia being the nicest person you could meet I doubt the thousands of tweets and comments about her would agree. So many LW viewers have said similar saying what a[petal]she looks meddling in everyones business and so two faced. The programme has done neither her or Ken any good in fact in her case she has lost a lot of her fan base, but I would expect no less of you sticking up for a mate, we would all do the same to be fair despite how despicably they acted.

    Peter Burton

  • Had such a laugh reading Richards comments about Ken Morley ! Nadia "the nicest person I know " made me laugh as well. Just looking on twitter and LW comments so many people are shocked by her vile busybody attitude, stirring everything up. Her fan base must now be close to zero ! Of course I would expect no less from Richard sticking up for a mate, we all would no matter how dreadful they acted ! Wish Richard and Judy would go in....that would be a car crash !

    Peter Burton