‘Living the dream!’

Friday 17 May 2013

Richard and Judy take a break from their busy writing schedules to appear on This Morning, chatting to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about their novels and the Summer 2013 Book Club’s new website. Watch the full interview here.

“By now, we’ve been going for eight or nine years,” Richard explains on the continued success of the Club. “People trust us; they know we’re not going to recommend rubbish.”

Richard also elaborates on the inspiration for his debut novel, Someday I’ll Find You.

“It’s a psychological thriller and a war romance… One morning I realised - and this makes me sound mental - there was a family living in my head!

“They'd moved in overnight and they were living in 1938 in a beautiful house in Kent. They were arguing over the upcoming second world war - I knew their names and what they did and everything!”

Judy’s inspiration for her novel Eloise, on the other hand, was a little lower key.

“I always vaguely thought I wanted to write… but I never really thought I'd get round to it,” she says.

“About six years ago in Cornwall the idea came to me. Once I gave up the daily TV stuff I got down to it, and thank god it’s finished!”

Eloise has been a fixture on the Sunday Times Bestseller for weeks – something Richard predicted from the beginning.

“When she showed it to me halfway through I said this is a bestseller!

“She said ‘Oh well you would say that’ and I said ‘No I wouldn't, because I'd look an idiot when it flopped’. I knew it was a bestseller!”

Watch the full interview at itv.com/thismorning.

Visit the new interactive website at whsmith.co.uk/richardandjudy and follow the official Book Club Twitter account for all of the latest news!

Buy Eloise from WHSmith here.

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