Richard and Judy donate hundreds of books to a Hampstead library

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Richard and Judy have donated hundreds of books to the Keats Community Library in Hampstead.

The celebrity couple were taking part in This Morning’s Take A Moment campaign, which encourages people to help out their local communities however they can.

In total, 1,500 books were donated into the library, close to Hampstead Village.

“We get sent a lot of books to review, and we always get two copies for me and Judy,” Richard explained. “It all adds up, and in the end the bedrooms were an absolute mess, they were just full of books all over the floor.”

“The shelves in our house were groaning under the weight of them all!” Judy added. “There were very few we wanted to read more than once, like autobiographies and crime thrillers – because once you know whodunnit, you're done with it. We needed a clean-up and our son Jack said, 'Well, you should do it through This Morning to make sure they go somewhere they're needed.'"

Richard and Judy hoped the donation would act as a ‘sort of social recycling’ - and help tidy the house up a bit too!

“It took about four hours to clean all this lot out and to lump it all the way downstairs. I was up and down, up and down, after all the books were downstairs it felt like I'd climbed Mount Snowden,” Richard said. “It really was a heroic effort. We can actually see the light through our windows at home now, because there aren't books everywhere blocking out the view.”

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