Richard signs a fiction book deal.

Friday 16 March 2012

Richard Madeley has today announced a two-book deal with a major publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Richard said of the news:

"I am very excited that I have just heard officially that I have a two–book deal with my publishers, Simon & Schuster. I showed them part one of my first novel, Someday I’ll Find You, and to my huge surprise and pleasure, they have commissioned it, and another one!,

Now I have to write the 2nd part...

Someday I’ll Find You is set in the run up to World War II and the Battle of Britain, and then after a terrible tragedy flips forward in time to 1945 and the South of France. It’s part psychological thriller, part romance, and part saga. I’m really enjoying writing it and can’t wait to see it out there."

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  • Richards brief synopsis sounds exciting, look forward to it's arrival on the book shelves

    Bob Price

  • Hi Richard Good luck with the two books. I'm writing my first book about life itsef. My two poetry booklets did extremely well and so did my harmonica album with Humph as special guest. As you say, the process of writing a book is pleasurable. Best Wishes, Barry.

    Barry Watson