Slumming it in the jungle (well, not really)

Monday 16 November 2015

This weekend I’m joining Ant and Dec in the Australian jungle. Well, up to a point.

I’m not actually in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! which begins tomorrow night.

I’m one of the panellists on its companion show over on ITV2, which goes out live straight after the main feature.

We’ll use the same jungle set as Ant and Dec and take the mickey out of the poor so-and-sos who are sweating, scratching and starving just a few yards away.

Then we’ll go back to our hotel for lunch and a G&T by the pool, tee hee. However, producers tell me I will have to do at least one of the feared Bushtucker Trials, “just for a bit of fun, Rich”.

Hmm. What kind of fun? Eating witchetty grubs? Swimming with spiders and snakes? Buried alive in the dark with hundreds of rats?

I don’t expect a shred of sympathy but I hope when my big moment comes, you’ll at least wish me luck. Because my missus will be laughing her head off.

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