The Jihad in Birmingham schools is a grim reality

Monday 28 July 2014

For months the anonymous letter warning of the Trojan Horse activities of Islamist extremists in Birmingham schools was dismissed as a hoax. Plain old Islamophobia, the assistant head of Park View, the school at the centre of the allegations witheringly put it, playing the race card to perfection.

But now we know that if anything the whistle-blowing letter played down the extent of the outrageous attempt to brainwash children into believing among other things that:

    Drummer Lee Rigby’s horrific murder in full public view was staged.

    The Boston marathon bombing in which three died and 264 were injured was a hoax.

    The perpetual role of women is to serve men.

    All homosexuals are satanic animals.

    The British education system is crooked, debased and Eurocentric.

These are just the headlines. A review ordered by the Government has uncovered the most appalling misuse of power by staff in schools at the heart of the scandal.

Teachers, at least two of whom are still in their positions, set up a secret social networking group on which they swapped mindless guff, a near fantasy world of conspiracy theories and half-baked religious extremism. And to think that these fools were teachers responsible for children’s development and education.

Peter Clarke, the former terrorism chief who conducted the review, has blown the lid off this hare-brained conspiracy to twist young minds. He uncovered a WhatsApp group calling itself the Park View Brotherhood. Fifty-five teachers belonged to this absurd, self-important organisation and guess what? They were all blokes.

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