The thought of Donald Trump getting into the White House is terrifying

Thursday 28 January 2016

I have deep love and admiration for America. We’ve spent a lot of time in the Florida Keys and you get used to hearing trenchant Right-wing views in that most Republican of states, but frankly I’m now getting scared.

The sight of Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump’s campaign to win the Republican presidential candidate nomination was horrible.

This silly woman’s massive ignorance was well and truly exposed in her own former fight to be vice-president, but in evangelical America the self-styled “hockey mom” is still very much admired.

And Donald Trump may be a Republican but he has led a flashy, even louche lifestyle in New York with his billions and his three hot-babe wives.

The religious belt doesn’t really trust Trump, so using Tea Party favourite Palin to emphasise his wholesomeness is a clever move.

Trump is coarse and vulgar but many Americans are sick of the polite political class and the “liberal” media.

They also like his outspokenness. No other candidate would have dared to say they want to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

I do wish people here hadn’t signed that petition to ban Trump from the UK. We don’t block people coming here just because we don’t agree with their views.

But that petition and subsequent parliamentary debate just gave him further publicity and permission to be even more outrageous.

An America under the aegis of President Trump (and don’t scoff – it could happen) would be very different from the country many of us have loved, our greatest political ally and friend.

Millions of Americans now say they are too frightened of terrorism to leave their own shores.

This despite the fact that, due to their obsession with carrying guns, they experience regular massacres on home territory.

With Trump in the White House the country would be more isolationist than ever. Come on, Hillary. We need you in the Oval Office. The alternative is unthinkable.

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    You are dead right about everyone being allowed to have an opinion. We have free speech here in the UK... don't we ?!

    If we went with the daft idiots who want to ban him that in itself is an insult to democracy. A debate, eh! What a waste of time and energy. Maybe we should bad Putin first, no that's not the way either we all need each other in some way.

    Its not to say I agree with him but normal people are afraid of whats happening at the moment, whats wrong with that?

    The problem is if you say something to these other people and they don't like what you say they will chastise you too. They obviously don't like Trump, I don't know the man other than what I've seen and read. Its so easy to jump on a band wagon to get attention.

    Nikolaus Baker