We have to take on the ISIS monsters

Monday 9 November 2015

If it's too complicated or difficult, don't bother doing it.

That pretty much sums up British policy in the Middle East after this week's craven decision to leave Islamic State to its own repulsive devices in Syria. And we will rue the day. IS is a brutal, beheading beast that thirsts for our blood.

We've limply wrung our hands in response and vaguely hope somebody else tackles them. It's beyond shameful - and it's very dangerous.

The foreign affairs select committee that recommended we don't bomb IS in Syria has produced a dismal document. It's stuffed full of contradictions, the most glaring one being that the "elimination" of IS in Syria is vital for the UK but that we mustn't use force to achieve it.

In other words, fingers crossed that some other mug will do the messy, costly job.

Why should we take the risk, spend all that money, have all those tiresome arguments? Leave it to Obama and Putin (oh, and those Russian jets flying around Syria make everything frightfully complicated, don't they? Best to keep out of it.) OK. Let's tick some boxes. ? IS has already beheaded hapless British hostages. Check.

It has made it crystal-clear it intend to strike against us here on British soil. Check.

It is growing in strength and numbers in Syria (and Iraq and Egypt). Check.

It is from such power bases that attacks against the UK will be organised and mounted. Check.

Er? isn't all that why we're bombing them in Iraq? So why not up and to the left a bit, in Syria? The select committee's answer to that is a gem. After solemnly saying the "conventional military defeat and elimination of Isil" is necessary, it hurriedly adds that Britain mustn't actually use force to achieve that - unless a host of conditions are met. And guess what? The MPs are "persuaded" that David Cameron won't/can't meet them (unsurprising when they include absurdly undeliverable demands, such as getting permission from Iran before bombing in Syria. Good luck with that one, Dave).

QED. We must destroy the enemy but, er, we mustn't destroy the enemy.

So we now have a British parliament that's too timid to use force to defend its citizens. The devils who control IS must be immensely heartened as they lay their plans against us - and they are coming, be in no doubt.

A few weeks ago Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told the Conservative conference: "In Syria, our message [to IS] is clear: when you threaten the lives of British citizens there is no place to hide."

Oh yes there is. In Syria.

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  • No war has ever been won solely on the basis of dropping bombs on the enemy.

    This whole mess started due to our disastrous foreign policy....which included dropping booms on the enemy.


  • Really, this is just disgraceful!

    Simon J Kyte